Friday, August 26, 2011

Mark Belling, Civility Arbiter, Helps Interpret The Supreme Court Fracas

Investigative reports are surfacing, but talk radio is already helping sort it out:

Mark Belling on 1130 WISN-AM radio yesterday said Justice Anne Walsh Bradley was "a broken down dump truck" who came at David Prosser like a blitzing Clay Matthews.

That's helpful.


Anonymous said...

Mark Belling spews nothing but rascist annd sexist trash.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I'm sure Mark treats people giving him crap in his office VERY well and never told anyone to leave in anything but a pleasant tone of voice.

C'mon, Prosser and the people defending him are rampant liars, and a simple look at the statements from all involved shows it. When Crooks (the guy who wasn't there) uses the incident as a reason to tell investigators that Prosser badly needs help, and all corroborate the "bitch" comment at Abrahamson, it doesn't take much to figure out who's probably telling the truth. And it ain't anyone that would be supported on a show on 620 or 1130.