Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why Unemploy Walker? How About, Return The Favor?

You can argue that the worst thing Walker did was wipe out most union rights.

Or arrogate to himself the power to make or break administrative rules.

Or turn the DNR into another Commerce Department.

Or play ping-pong with people facing health crises.

We had a debate on this blog about his worst offense, but in my view, the worst thing he has done, and strongest evidence that he fails the test of character and leadership, is the politics and games he and his party played with everyday people who had been out of work for weeks and months.

If local media produced something similar, I'm sorry I don't remember it, but take a look at these profiles about the unemployed produced by The Washington Post.

When his recall is underway, recall the issue and remind people that the fate of their already-beaten-down neighbors became fodder for talking points and ideological one-upsmanship.


Anonymous said...

He's produced enough fodder to make ad agencies rich during his recall. Perhaps airing some of these ads during the signature collection period would be helpful.

Ron R said...

Union priveledges, not union rigths, union PRIVELEDGES.

Boxer said...

What is "priveledges" ? What is "rigths" ?

It's not a bad day on the Jeopardy set--just another of Ron R's unintelligible rants.

You'd think, out of a 7-word comment, he'd manage to spell more than 4 words correctly. Such is the sad of America's right-wing today . . . He must not have paid much attention to his pinko-commie, lefty liberal, union-belonging, benefits-sucking, do-nothing, public school teachers.

Or maybe he was sitting on a privvy ledge, enjoying his rigths . . . .