Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cuprisin Sees Through Sykes

Veteran TV/Radio critic and columnist Tim Cuprisin has posted a primer on interpreting Charlie Sykes and talk radio's confusion of political opinion, fact and entertainment.

The headline is a bit of a spoiler - -

OnMedia: A political analyst or a cheerleader?

- - but is still definitely worth the read.


Anonymous said...

So it's an accomplishment to "see through" Sykes? No, he is so predictable it's pathetic. The really sad part about Sykes is that he is a very intelligent man. I think of people like Belling and Wagner as being genuinely dumb, maybe in Belling's case in possession of a certain low animal cunning. But Sykes is an extremely bright man who at some point figured out what sells and now relentlessly peddles it -- even stuff that he is far to bright to actually believe.

Anonymous said...

sykes. posing as a reasonable pundit, appeared on tv on election night 2008 , saying that obama had a chance to be a great president. radio charlie than proceeded on a daily basis to undermine him at every turn.