Monday, August 15, 2011

Like All Good Tea Partiers, Rick Perry Represents The Everyday Citizen

As reflected in Texan Perry's campaign fund-raiser categories, according to the Washington Post column, "The Fix:"

“Patriots” are tasked with collecting $500,000 and promised a co-chairmanship of Perry’s national finance committee and a “VIP Republican National Convention Package” that includes a hospitality suite and a VIP reception at the national party convention.

“Entrepreneurs,”who must raise $250,000, are promised membership on the national finance committee and “regular reports from campaign leadership.”

“Explorers” must raise $100,000 and are promised invitations to “special events at the Republican National Convention.”

And “Pilots” must bring in $50,000 and are invited to host committee receptions when events are held in their respective states.
Can you say, "George W. Bush, The Sequel?"

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