Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Rush Limbaugh Poisons The Public Debate

I was privileged to hear about 20 minutes of the country's leading conservative AM radio talker Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday afternoon, and these were his contributions to our collective wisdom in just that short window into his long afternoon daily show:

Social Security is a Ponzi scheme no different than what Bernie Madoff pulled off.

Man-made climate change and global warming is a scam and a hoax.

There is no such thing as renewable energy because even the sun will eventually burn itself out.

Service Employee International Union (SEIU) members are brown shirts.
And you wonder why someone like Michele Bachmann is treated as a legitimate Presidential candidate, or my so many Republicans still believe that Pres. Obama is a Muslim/foreigner/socialist. etc?


CJ said...

The one guy who's hate speech is legal and popular with the sheeple.

The only way to get that guy off the air is a letter writing campaign to his corporate sponsors and advertisers. Up for that?

Anonymous said...

Yes but in the report I heard from Ed (the Ed Show) He also presented the most inflammatory aspects of the Wausau Parade situation and (what I heard) LEFT OUT the critical information that the parade ran on Public Funds, there fore excluding Jews, Black,s Lutherans, Republicans, Buddhists, Wal-Mart employees or harry Potter Impersonators would not be legal.

HE LEFT THAT OUT! So then the quotes fro m the Wausau mayor just sounded like strong-arm tactics and Rep. sympathizing rather than statement of fact, fairness, ethics, or legal obligation. He made sure thee Labor Guys in Wausau were STILL portrayed as victims in that issue, when at that time it had already become clear that they had clearly over-stepped ethical and legal boundaries and WERE IN THE WRONG!!!! Ed persisted in inciting the "troops"! Horrible! Now the "holiday" has been co-opted by the parties, and yet another aspect of life involves the Fight-Your-Neighbor philosophy of the Partisan Devils. I am continually amazed at the opportunism, contempt for all of American Life and the spiraling degradation the parties and their members seem to adore.

I have been disgusted Limbaugh for years. We have lost friendships due to his indoctrination and urging his followers to "hate Libs". Yes, specifically because of Limbaugh. But I have no option other than hating these other guys too - Their job Functions are NOT to encourage debate, disseminate information Or present reality.
Their job is simply TO KEEP THE FIGHTS GOING

It's all poison. All of it. And my comment of last night (mean-spirited as it was I did not expect it to pass thru) was to instigate reflection oh how deep-seated it is to excuse anything on "your own" side while rushing to smash the other for the same thing. The parties and their minions are locked in inseparable combat, obsessed with each other, doing nothing but destruction, none of it "creative" and we are running out of time.

Limbaugh sucks, sure. But don't they all...Ed is no better. He inflames, and incites, that is all. We are screwed (I mean the Public, not Party people, it works for you-all, obviously).

James Rowen said...

Your comment last night was a nasty non-sequitor, and then some.