Friday, August 12, 2011

Dale Schultz Is Now The Real Senate Majority Leader

As the potential swing vote to flip a 17-16 Republican majority, the moderate GOP Senator Dale Schultz from Richland Center now wields considerable influence.

Remember that Schultz was the only Republican Senator to vote against Walker's divisive plan to strip public employee unions of most of their collective bargaining rights , and he has recently claimed that Walker's decoyed him into a meeting in the Governor's office at the very time that Schultz's attempt at a compromise on the so-called Budget Repair Bill [sic] could have been worked into the proposal.

His actions and disclosures show that Schultz is not afraid to speak as an independently-minded official, not a rubber-stamp.

There could be a Profile in Courage in the making in the Wisconsin Senate. This is the stuff of which legacies are made.

I don't expect Schultz to buck his party or Walker just to grab headlines, or to be a player, but he could serve as a check on abusive, Machiavellian moves - - and Lord knows, we have seen them already (see: Walker, 'dropping the bomb,' etc.).

But just knowing that Scott Fitzgerald and Walker know they are only one vote (or more, given Schultz's stature) away from difficulty - - and, yes, I'm assuming that both Democrats are returned to office next Tuesday - - is an important check and balance for the Senate and the state, and a source of inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Providing the situation doesn;t change at all next Tuesday, you are very correct Rowen.

Which makes it all the better Walker and the Fitzgeralds were able to get just about every significant piece of legislation they wanted passed in the first 7 months.

Anything after this will just be icing on the proverbial cake.


Anonymous said...

I would think he'd get real sick real fast of getting all this pressure and all these hopeful "be our hero" expectations on the part of Democrats.
Y'all are imagining Lora Rae Anderson-type headline-perks and he's more likely to be recalling the Jeff Wood ones, and probably already not enjoying all the crapola that comes from Man In The Middle situations where everyone wants to EXPLOIT YOU and sees you as a conduit for their own agendas. People are treating this guy like he's the manipulated kid in a sick sad divorce.

If anyone asked me, which they never would, I'd say back off all this nonsense, do your own work and keep your eyes on your own paper.

Anonymous said...

Dale Schultz a moderate? You're kidding right?