Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wisconsin: The First Shall Be Last

Wisconsin once had a reputation - - deserved - - as the public policy laboratory, where progressive ideas were born, took hold and exported to the country.

And now:

We struggle to become the last state to regulate so-called payday loans, with usurious rates that trap the poor and make organized crime envious.

And with the exception of a few circumstances, Wisconsin is still the only state in the country to treat first-offense drunken driving as a mere civil ticket.

Our education achievement by minority children is a national disgrace, with poor performance so low that schools in the Jim crow south now surpass Wisconsin averages.

And a public commitment to transit: The Governor and legislative leaders, Democrats all, managed through a veto, then inaction, to send Milwaukee County's bus system i- - the state's largest and once a national leader - - nto an unfunded death spiral.

During Earth Week.

You hear the Tea Partiers demanding their country back.

How about we start with our own state, and reclaim a progressive and healthy mantle that we had claimed, and earned, but have sacrificed through bi-partisan disinterest and policy sloth.


Anonymous said...

It was the damn progressives that created the public employee unions that created the mess.

Your socialist dreams are littered all over the place - they are the reason for the failure.

Jim Crow - yeah, it's you guys that want to keep the poor on the plantation.

Anon Jim said...

James - just curious as to what (and when) the last progressive idea was born, took hold, and was exported to the rest of the country from Wisconsin's public policy lavatory?