Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lesson Number One For Democrats In A Leinenkugel Candidacy

If Dick Leinenkugel uses his Commerce Department Secretary position - - handed to him by Democratic incumbent Gov. Jim Doyle - - to launch a US Senator campaign as a Republican against incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold, will Democrats finally learn that trying to win GOP support by ingratiating themselves to Republicans is a waste of time?

Corporate Republicans may like tax breaks or other policies efforts by Democrats who think they win over some GOP supporters, but in the end, when it comes to elections and governing, Republicans will always prefer one of their own.


Anon Jim said...

James - what are you basing your conclusion on the Dick Leinenkugel was a Republican and how exactly did that constitute "ingratiating".

And seeing as you always know the reaction to events on local talk radio - how do you explain the reaction this story has elicited?

I.E. the complete trashing of Leinenkugel by both the conservative hosts and listeners alike.

James Rowen said...

Anyone running on a partisan ticket for a party's nomination is in or of that party, as I see it.

If not, run as an independent.

James Rowen said...

Wayne: Pls send me a more substantive comment with regard to the film issue, if you wish. Thanks.

Ron R said...

And will Democrats, after locking out Republicans and refusing to take suggestions or ideas for every knuckleheaded piece of legislation that they want to pass, STOP crying about getting no Republican support?

missingsathergate said...

And Lesson #2. The Larry Nelson loss in Waukesha. Why would any smart, progressive, and observant City resident vote for a self-proclaimed Democrat that ran a campaign boasting the fact that he voted for James Sensenbrenner? This election had nothing to do with throwing out a Democrat. This had everything to do with throwing out a dumb Democrat supporting an incomplete application for Great Lakes water and the construction of the West Waukesha Bypass, (the proposed concrete noose around the City of Waukesha).