Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If The Legislature Lets The Regional Transit Authority Die......

Milwaukee Transit goes down, too.

This is totally unacceptable, and Democrats, apparently too weak to allow a locally-approved sales tax to proceed in Milwaukee County, will be responsible for the possible death of the largest transit system in the state.

Maybe they think the mess will sit at the doorstep of the courthouse, and County Executive Scott Walker, a GOP candidate for governor, but good public policy, local control and transit provision has to trump politics.

This is not the legislature's finest hour.


Anonymous said...

Not just any democrats were too weak. It was MILWAUKEE COUNTY DEMOCRATS--Reps. Cullen, Krusick, and Staskunas--who were going to vote against or who added amendments that killed the bill.

And where was Mayor Barrett? He who loves streetcars?

This is just pathetic.

Anon Jim said...

Point of clarification.

The 'locally-approved sales tax' you refer to was for an advisory referendum for a combination of the parks, public safety, and yes transit.

This sales tax proposal if for transit only, so it is not the same thing.

They (i.e. the democratic majority) could have crafted the RTA legislation to include a transit only sales tax referendum, which could have easily passed.

But as you accurately point out James, in the end their (i.e. the democratic majority) goal is a pathetic attempt to make Scott Walker look bad.

Btw it looks like in the final days of total Democratic control of the Governorship and both houses of the legislature is going to result in an 'oh fer' on your high priority progressive bills:

Bills on global warming, RTAs and voting registration appear dead