Monday, April 12, 2010

Republicans State Their Supreme Court Nominee Conditions

Though they lost the 2008 elections, Republicans announce that they want, well, a Republican nominated to replace outgoing Justice Stevens.


Anon Jim said...

Since the Dem’s no longer have their filibuster proof majority in the Senate, the Republicans can threaten it but that is a hollow threat imho – does anyone seriously think all 41 of them will band together and vote no?

So this is all much to do about nothing.

James Rowen said...

Since right now, or should I say, Right now, the GOP is trying to woo Tea Partiers, holding firm is a reasonable expectation.

They did it on health care.

Anon Jim said...

Besides the fact that Obamacare versus a Supreme Court confirmation is apples & oranges, please remember in the current Congress the Senate Republicans never filibustered Obamacare.

They never had the opportunity to.

The Senate passed Obamacare last year with 60 votes from the Democratic caucus.

From there after the GOP had 41 Senators, reconciliation was used to pass subsequent Obamacare legislation in the Senate bypassing any possible filibuster.