Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama, Dems Getting Their Sea Legs

Looks like financial reform legislation will be adopted in Congress after the GOP dropped its stupidly pro-banker and politically-suicidal filibuster.

Strategically and substantively - - a big win for the public and the White House, too.

This comes on the heels of the student loan reform act - - a big plus, and also the health care bill, which has already had a positive impact nationally, as insurance companies have begun to stop canceling insureds with certain major illnesses.

More benefits will kick in this year.

So the Dems have momentum, and progressives need to get cracking on other initiatives - - namely an energy bill.


Anonymous said...

And they are getting ready to board the USS John Murtha.

Bye bye, kids. Your electoral doom awaits you!

If your loses could only be as bad as 1994, you'd be lucky.

Buh bye.

Max Max said...

Are you so sure it's suidical? Donations from some Wall Street firms shifted from being pro-Democratic Party toward the Republican Party. That's got to help in what's already going to be a difficult anti-incumbent election year for the Democrats.

James Rowen said...

Good points, Brian, though I think association with the big banks might be toxic.