Thursday, April 8, 2010

Waukesha Will Apply For Great Lakes Diversion

OK - - the first act in a long drama over diverting Great Lakes water is over, and the rest will play out in review s here and thee for years.

Next stop: the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for a detailed environmental review - - but keep you eye on the other Great Lakes states, as all must give their approval.

There will be legal issues, financial questions and potentially-dicey discussions with potential suppliers if diversion permission is granted.

At some point, Michigan will weigh in. If, and I'd say when, Waukesha has a problem it will come from Michigan, because the entire state is within the Great Lakes basin and it will not look kindly on Waukesha's request for two-and-a- half times its water need, in part, to serve a water territory adding 80% its current size.

Readers of this blog have read all this before.

I'll stick with it.

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