Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Concrete Example: Axis Of Waste Is At It Again

You would would hope...that the expenditure of $1.9 billion would sate the appetite of road expansionists south of Milwaukee, where a rebuilt I-94 to the Illinois state line with 35 miles of new lanes in each direction is taking shape.

But no: there is a new demand: extend the Lake Parkway another four miles past the airport to Highway 100 so that motorists who do not like the very expensive I-94 can come into Milwaukee over the Hoan Bridge - -an overbuilt white elephant that needs a fix of more than 100 million dollars itself.

And an extended Lake Parkway? Why, it just about guarantees the Hoan's reconstruction - - tall enough to accommodate a battleship.

Neat package.

Wonder what taxes will be raised to pay for it? And will the local governments along the route pony up their shares?

I doubt it: Big government costs make for good righty rhetoric, but the road lobbyists and their local government allies look the other way, or to the feds and the state, when major highway projects are at hand.

Of course, SEWRPC will green-light this new Lake parkway road-building opportunity: show me a road project for which the agency doesn't provide cover.

And what about the long-stalled Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee commuter rail line?

Somehow it can't find the funding.

Same old story: big government is OK when it comes to road expansion.

Other things can wait.

And wait.

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