Monday, April 12, 2010

Europeans Excel At Alternative Fuels

Some will snicker at the Europeans' mastery of high-speed rail, or China's acceleration of green technologies, but again, other nations are ahead of the US in another important category - - recycling waste into fuels.

In this country, energy policy has been hatched behind closed doors in former Veep Dick Cheney's office, where oil companies and his corporate pals put conservation on hold in favor of old-fashioned, wasteful and polluting fossil fuel industries.

Every dollar we can invest in alternative energy research, innovation and production is money denied to hostile regimes or corporate contributors to polluted air and water.


Dave said...

Interesting that environmental groups are opposed to incinerators.

Reminds of of the fight against wind turbines off Cape Cod .....

Anon Jim said...

On the other hand the price of gasoline in Denmark is among the highest in Europe at $5.93/gallon.

Versus the $2.93/gal I paid this morning filling up my SUV.

Denmark's electricity rates are again among the highest in Europe at $350 per 1000 kWh once you include all the tax, fess, and their beloved VAT.

Versus the $135 I pay here in Wisconsin.

No wonder they are burning their garbage.

Am sure you consider that 'mastery' James, I don't.