Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Instead Of Offices And Classrooms - - An Upscale Restaurant has a nice piece about the new restaurant taking shape on the former Pieces of Eight lakefront site.

Which, in the end, is a fair outcome following the uproar over efforts by UWM, the business community and philanthropist Michael Cudahy to shoehorn part of the proposed new School of Freshwater Science on this small strip of land.

Once a restaurant site, always a restaurant site, it seems.

I had thought that there were legal problems under the state's Public Trust Doctrine 9all state waterways must have unfettered access) with the private nature of the site, but I'm told that a walkway around the site takes care of any legal issue.

I think it's a good idea to minimize development on the lakefront, thus keeping lake access in the public domain - - something still lacking when Summerfest is running and some direct access is closed.

UWM still has to resolve where to locate the school.

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Anon Jim said...

Having one (hopefully decent) restaurant on the lakefront in Milwaukee works for me.

Never patronized Pieces of Eight in my time living in the Milwaukee area, as no one ever gave me a recommendation better that the place was very inconsistent.

Good to see they have gutted the existing building, can imagine the place was way over due for a complete overhaul.