Thursday, April 15, 2010

That Flash In The Sky...The Debris Falling To Earth

Was that Tommy's campaign crashing and burning?


Anon Jim said...

Wow James - with your endless 'beat the dead elephant' posts about a story that is over with, and by your accounts it weas since Feb. 2nd, you must be on some kind of post-Thompson high tonight.

Has someone been drinking & blogging?

James Rowen said...

To Anon Jim; What a funny comment, from a person who adds comments at a manic pace on this blog. And who sent the same comment twice, such was the urgency!

And no, I am not blogging and drinking, and as a matter of fact, do not drink, so you are wrong, again.

Boxer said...

Anon Jim,

You really are annoying. You attribute all of your own bad habits, dumb ideas and negative energy onto others--it's called projection.

If anyone would be likely to drink and blog, it would be you, the way you lurch onto the internet, fishtail around a few times before screaming something unintelligible (and nasty) out of the window and then laughingly speed off as if you'd done something clever.

When you sober up, why don't you buy yourself some facts?

And to James: Why don't you dump Anon Jim altogether? He doesn't add a thing to the discussion here, so it's not as if you'd be silencing a voice of opposition. Anon Jim's weird posts don't rise to the level of dissent--they're mostly snarky, childish insults that make little sense.

Anon Jim said...

Hey James - if I posted the same comment twice, that was unintentional.

The "drinking & blogging" comment was made in jest - but if it offended you at all, my apologies.

Was not my intent as I am striving to respect your new standard of civility. Such as comments making personal attacks on people, which you have indicated you will ban.

And I know I comment a lot on yr blog, but as you may have noticed there are many genres of your posts I never really comment on or have in general stopped due to lack of interest (for example water & Waukesha).

Anon Jim said...
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Anonymous said...

Only rumors, but word has it that several die-hard members in attendance at the tea-bagathon saw the meteor after Tommy's speech as a sure sign that the GOP end time had arrived.

non quixote

Anon Jim said...

James - in the spirit of your new standards of decorum and the instance of you correcting me on the usage of 'Democrat' versus 'Democratic' . . .

You might want to consider your acceptance of the term "tea bag" (versus "tea party") in comments on The PE.

And please do not feign ignorance of what the significance of the difference is. Otherwise I would need to go into derogatory double entendre meaning of using 'tea bag' and I can only assume that post would in fact get banned.