Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Pulitzer For Journal Sentinel!

This one to Raquel Rutledge for great local reporting that exposed corruption in the state's childcare program.

Two years ago, Dave Umhoefer won a Pulitzer for a report on the County pension system.

These are great achievements. Congratulations.


enoughalready said...

I think the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as a watchdog is good at targeting government. Business interests? Not so much. Nonetheless, I agree: congrats are in order.

Anon Jim said...

Congrats to the MJS for finally reporting on this.

And as was brilliantly pointed out by Mark Belling yesterday afternoon, this was a great development in that the MJS won a Pulitzer for this story of an unbelievably corrupt and incompetently run government program.

Versus Meg Kissenger's never ending - beat a dead horse - series on Biphenol A.

Maybe the MJS will pursue more of these shoot a fish in the barrel government fraud/waste stories versus 'who really cares?' series like BPA.