Monday, April 12, 2010

Which New Transportation Taxes Do Conservatives (Sic) Support?

Republican politicians are spinning the notion that the recent problem with bridges in the Zoo Interchange is proof positive that Wisconsin isn't spending enough on highways.

So the $6.4 billion price tag for the regional freeway reconstruction and expansion (127 miles of new lanes in seven counties) is somehow not enough?

When that plan does not contain one thin dime for any transit?

At a time when Milwaukee County's bus system is in a death spiral.

How much would be enough to silence and satisfy these big spenders?

$10 billion?

$20 billion?

How high would they like to raise the gas tax?

How high should vehicle registration and other fees be hiked?

What added property or state income taxes would they like tossed into the highway budgets?

Step right up ye small government, budget-cutting tax-haters and stand up for more taxes, please.

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