Friday, April 9, 2010

Roberta Gassman, Take Your Deserved Bow

My long-time friend and political ally Roberta Gassman will be honored Monday by the UW-Madison School of Social Work as a distinguished alumnus and public servant. There is no one more deserving.

The details about the program, and Roberta's exemplary resume, are here. Government runs on energy and commitment and big ideas - - Roberta has fought that fight, for decades.

(If I had paid more attention to her advice, and the time lines she constructed as manager of my 1979 Madison mayoral campaign, I am sure I would have won.)

I really regret that I will miss this tribute. If there is still time left to sign up, go for it.

Our congratulations to Roberta and her family.


xoff said...

Roberta does indeed deserve the recognition. As a veteran of that mayoral campaign, may I point out that it was 1979? It only seems like 40 years ago.

James Rowen said...

D'oh! I have corrected what I hope was only a typo. Thank you, Bill.

I'll sign off now and look for the rest of my marbles.

Anonymous said...

Ask her why employees in the unemployment insurance division, paid out of FEDERAL FUNDS, had to be included in the unpaid furloughs, to the detriment of the public at a time of records caseloads and backlogs.