Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Major Hearing Tonight In Wauwatosa On County Grounds Usage

The fate of a big piece of the Milwaukee County Grounds will be aired at a crucial hearing tonight in Wauwatosa.

Some details below:

Where: Wauwatosa Public Hearing

When: Tuesday April 20th, 7:30 p.m.

Driving directions: Wauwatosa City Hall (76th & North Ave.)

Activists trying to preserve the County Grounds and Monarch Butterfly habitat there are working with the key points below - - and isn't it ironic that this is happening during Earth Day's week?

And that a major University could be so intimately involved with a project that will add to air pollution, sprawl, traffic and a bigger carbon footprint in a region where these are already big issues?

Can you imagine what Gaylord Nelson would have said about such a cock-eyed plan - - tearing up public lands to build a sprawl campus and research center miles from UWM - - and also distant from Marquette University's near-downtown new engineering school? And the long-standing Milwaukee School of Engineering?

Say the activists:

The future of the County Grounds may hinge on the Wauwatosa Common Council's approval of the UWM/Real Estate Foundation Proposal which has been stated in some quarters as "hypothetical."

This building plan is based on $0 dollars and the wildlife protection component (also hypothetical); ecosystem assurances and the integrity of the County Grounds as a whole are on a last-chance road to preservation.

The proponents of this plan will be there in force and regard the future of engineering and related research as most important.

Let's remember that the future of the environment is an integral part of scientific successes,, too, and that urban sprawl defeats their scientific discoveries.

Research can be accomplished on a fraction of the parcel they want to purchase.

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