Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not Leading On Energy/Jobs Bill Gives Plale Opponent An Opening

There are indications from the Capitol that the Clean Energy Jobs Act is on life-support because Democratic Senators Russ Decker and Jeff Plale are doing a tag-team ballet to keep the bill from the floor.

Plale has an opponent - - Bradley McManus - - whom I gather has a Facebook page (I'm having some technical issues with my Facebook account and can't use it right now) - - but maybe it's time to look into an alternative to Plale who might be more progressive.


Dan Collins said...

The Clean Energy Jobs Bill has very strong support in his district and in all of Milwaukee. As the committee chair Representative Plale should allow a vote on this important issue.

Dan Collins

Anonymous said...

Senator Plale is out of step with his constituency. Why is he blocking this bill?

xoff said...

Plale is against the bill for the wrong reasons, but there are other good reasons to oppose it -- like the fact that it will allow the expansion of nuclear power without adding even any minimal protections on highly radioactive nuclear waste storage.