Friday, April 23, 2010

Detour With Me Into The Right's Wacky World

A GOP candidate for statewide office released a breathless disclosure: Gov. Jim Doyle used taxpayer money to fly in a radical environmental extremist to push the Clean Energy Jobs Act - - a bill that died in the legislature this week.

The politician - - State Rep. Brett Davis (R-Oregon), running for Lt. Governor - - says righty squawkers Vicki McKenna (1130 WISN) and Charlie Sykes (AM 620 WTMJ) jumped on the story.

Oh, thank God!

And who is this so-called extremist whom Davis says had the temerity to undercut General Motors' efforts to "educate" the public about environmental issues?

Someone in a tree house up in the Redwood forests?


A California state official with a background in clean air.

And you wonder why the public discourse and its content are so degraded these days.

Here are a few graphs from Davis's postings; I left out the fund-raising appeal...

"Environmental Extremist Flown to Wisconsin on Taxpayers' Dime

I recently uncovered a series of troubling e-mails using Wisconsin's Open Records Law showing Governor Jim Doyle's Administration used taxpayer money to fly in a radical "environmental rights advocate" from California to promote a job-killing, tax-raising global warming bill. A bill that is so extreme, that most Democrats are refusing to back it now.

"It is outrageous that an environmental extremist was flown to Wisconsin, paid for by the taxpayers, to specifically refute General Motor’s effort to educate lawmakers and the public about the impact a “global warming bill” would have on our state’s manufacturing-dependent economy. This all took place before GM made the decision to shut down major Wisconsin operations.

"If you are interested in learning more about this wasteful use of taxpayer funds, I encourage you to click here to read the full email exchange. I also discussed this issue with radio show hosts Vicki McKenna and Charlie Sykes, who also featured this story on his blog. "


John Kaufman said...

Well, James, I can sympathize. There are plenty of local "radical environmental extremists" the Governor could have chosen. You, for instance. Or me.

I suppose had Doyle shipped the radical out on Amtrak (coach), the other sort of extremists would have been less outraged. Or at least more confused.

Regards, John

James Rowen said...

Pretty funny.