Monday, April 19, 2010

Clean Energy Jobs Act Needs Legislators' Support

Gov. Jim Doyle's Clean Energy Jobs Act, which could reduce customer bills, conserve fossil fuels and create jobs is up for Assembly action at the committee level Tuesday.

Calls to legislators are needed: You can find their contact information at:

I know this is not a perfect bill - - which is? - - but the session is closing quickly, and if this effort fails, I doubt a better one will come along

The Public Service Commission says the bill would save $1.4 billion on electric bills even if greenhouse gases are not regulated, and up to $6.4 billion if they are.

See the PSC analysis at:


xoff said...

On this one, we must agree to disagree unless the bill miraculously gets fixed on the floor. This from the Carbon Free Nuclear Free coalition:

Oppose the Clean Energy Jobs Act!

The new version of the Clean Energy Jobs Act (Senate Bill 450 / Assembly Bill 649) is even worse than we expected. Not only is the bill more pro-nuclear, its good renewable, energy efficiency and transportation provisions have been watered down significantly.

The new bill repeals our most important nuclear safeguard: requiring a nuclear waste repository before new reactors can be built here. It also removes the original bill's provision that the power from any new nuclear reactor must be needed and used in Wisconsin.

On radioactive nuclear waste, the bill simply says that the waste management plan must be "economic, reasonable, stringent, and will satisfy the public welfare requirements." That may sound nice, but there are no teeth or legal precedents that make it mean anything.

That's why our coalition now opposes the bill.

Much more here.

Anon Jim said...

Some "maybe, possibly, touchy feely, we sure hope they happen, greenie" jobs at the expense of 40,000 real live actual jobs.

One has to just love your progressive ideas of economics.