Friday, April 16, 2010

Is Anyone In Charge Of Milwaukee County Government?

We have 20-pound pieces of masonry falling off the building.

Now it's been established that the County hired a person with a criminal record and put in charge of building security.

Isn't there someone on the County payroll with the title of Executive running the show there?


Anonymous said...

Walker was thinking about doing a rennovation but with the cost-overruns and extensions for completion associated with rennovating city hall, I would guess that he thought it best to wait for City Hall to complete their costly rennovation project.

Now, before you react with a spasm - I am glad it was done. It is a wonderful building, but it is a study in government estimates and patterns of underestimation.

Anon Jim said...

At least the criminal was not a county employee, otherwise they would of never been able to fired them.