Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tommy Exits, Stage Right

The Great Wisconsin Political Psycho Drama of 2010 ends with a weak Tea whimper; Tommy won't run for the US Senate.

Next acts: Will Dick Leinenkugel run? Will Terrance Wall break 2% in any poll?


Anon Jim said...

Too bad James, you won't have Tommy Thompson to kick around anymore.

Even with you yourself having called this on Feb. 2nd.

Guess you will have to solely focus all your angst on Sarah Palin once again since Dick Leinenkugel, T.Wall, and the guy in the orange shirt are all too pathetic to beat on.

That would just be cruel.

John said...

So, Tommy Thompson scheduled an address before a rally of rabid fans so he could -- say nothing?

I imagine it would be very hard to divest himself of the 45-or-so board memberships from which he collects cash.

James Rowen said...

tommy didn't run becaise all his baggage would have slowed him to a dead stop.

Anon Jim said...

Btw to answer your questions James - no Tweedle Dem (aka Dick Leinekugel) will not run as I imagine it has dawned on him by now that he won't get any support from conservatives.

Wall (I think he is Tweddle Dee but I could be mistaken) will not break 2%.

And in the final analysis, have to agree with you - it was wishful thinking on anyone's part who thought a 2010 vintage Tommy Thompson would be able to beat Feingold.