Thursday, April 22, 2010

Legislative Leaders Fail Milwaukee

No Regional Transit Authority legislation.

No Energy and jobs bill.

Why do we elect Democrats to run things if they have no agenda, let alone spine?


Zach W. said...

"Why do we elect Democrats to run things if they have no agenda, let alone spine?"

I couldn't agree more. Milwaukee is in dire need of a housecleaning of its legislative leaders, because there's precious little leadership coming from them.

Anonymous said...

It surely seems, that there is a lack of forward thinking on the part of the legislature. Bold decisions are needed by the "leaders" we think we are electing.

Anon Jim said...

Admittedly James they (i.e the democratic majority in the Senate and Assembly) did not pass any of the major peices of legislation you wanted.

You did get your payday loans, raw milk, failing schools, and an overhaul on the tavern/restaurant smoking ban.

So you did not exactly have an 'o fer'.

But I can relate to your deep dissappointment at an opportunity lost, been there done that.


Anon Jim said...

Btw from what I understand, you have Milwaukee area Democratic Assembly representatives David Cullen, Fredrick Kessler, Peggy Krusick, and Leon Young to thank for the RTA bill not getting passed.

Those 4 voted for the amendment to require a binding referendum to have the RTA created, which effectively killed any chance of it passing.

Realizing that a transit-only RTA referendum would never pass, why vote on a controversial bill which is D.O.A. of ever being fully implemented?


enoughalready said...

I wonder if our state legislature would be more productive if it met less often and with shorter sessions. These officials sure seem to have too much time on their hands for trivial matters and not enough focus or attention for a number of important issues, work that really matters. Shorter sessions would probably also provide much-needed monetary savings.