Sunday, April 18, 2010

Democrats Need To Push For Tough Wall Street Controls

Let Republicans carry investment banking special interest water and obstruct- - oh, please, go the filibuster route - - and block real Wall Street and financial institution regulatory reform bills. Hang Goldman Sachs around their necks.

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Anon Jim said...

Very interesting to see who were among the top bundlers of campaign donations for Mr. Obama in the following link:

Top Contributors to Barack Obama

(2) $995k from Goldman Sachs, (6) $701k from Citigroup, (7) $695 from JP Morgan Chase, (12) $543 from USB AG, and (17) $515k from Morgan Stanley.

Wonder if Mr. Obama will give back any of those tainted donations, especially from Goldman Sachs now that they are finally coming under scrutiny?

Or will he follow the Doyle example of never, ever, regardless of how tainted it is, giving back campaign donation money.