Friday, April 9, 2010

SEWRPC Will Now Move Directly On Water Diversion Recommendations

In the tag team that has been the Lake Michigan diversion duo of the City of Waukesha and the Southeastern Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC), look for SEWRPC to wrap up its regional water study that has preliminarily recommended the very diversion that Waukesha's Common Council Thursday night moved into a sequence of environmental, Wisconsin and Great Lakes states' reviews.

Waukesha did not need SEWRPC's permission for its process, and SEWRPC did not need to complete its water study prior to the diversion application being approved by Waukesha's common council - - though that had been the expectation all along.

SEWRPC is waiting for a report from a team of consultants at UWM hired to look at the socio-economic implications of the regional water study draft - - after the draft had been completed.

And the water plan, five years in the making, was not part of a coordinated, comprehensive and simultaneous review of the region's land use, transportation and housing plans, either.

So goes the planning merry-go-round 'round here.

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