Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scott Walker Will Live Up To His Moniker

Some years ago, a wag in City Hall (not me: I wasn't that funny) dubbed Scott Walker "Scott Walkersha" because Milwaukee County's Executive did such a good job representing the 'burbs, not the city.

So it's not surprising to see that Walkersha says he will veto the Milwaukee County Board's 13-3 (veto-proof) approval of a resolution objecting to the City of Waukesha's plan to discharge treated waste water from a possible Lake Michigan diversion into Underwood Creek on its route back to the lake.

Waukesha County supplies the largest number of Republican voters on a statewide election - - surely another factor in Walkersha's calculus.

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William said...

Underwood Creek runs right through Scott Walker's own city, Wauwatosa. Just shameful on his part.

I saw another article where Walker reasoned his veto as promoting "regional cooperation", a phrase he's never gave evidence of being either in his vocabulary or on his resume. Ridiculous.

In no way should we be surprised, though. This is just another in the line of Walker's pathetically transparent moves put forth in the name of pleasing a potential electorate at the expense of his actual constituents. I'm sick and tired of the guy using his job solely as a campaign platform.

How long until all of Walker's hypocrisies cause his never-ending campaign to collapse into itself like the dying star it's become?