Saturday, April 17, 2010

Justice Diminished

I suspect Justice Gableman will receive a reprimand in his ethics case, earning him an asterisk in Supreme Court annals and a diminished role.

Doing nothing can't be the Court's final decision, as that would send the wrong message to future candidates, but I don't see the Court suspending, let alone removing Gableman from office.

And former Justice Louis Butler will have a more distinguished career as a Federal jurist, so in the end he wins more than did Gableman, and we all get a lesson in civics, politics and what Steven Colbert calls "truthiness."

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Anon Jim said...

Whether or not Gableman is found to have violated the ethics code will come down to what the other justices determines constitutes a "lie".

Gableman's ad is not a direct lie, a mis-statement of facts, but rather misleading thru the ommission of all the facts.

Even if Gableman receives some scolding in his permanent record, not sure how exactly that diminishes him.

The final verdict of the careers on either Gableman or Butler will most be in the eye of the beholder, in other words meaningless.

Too bad the landslide of lies Mr. Obama made during his campaign for President are not receiving the same picayunish attention this situation is.