Monday, April 19, 2010

What About The Road Contractors?

State rules are being tightened to reduce excess fees paid to some contractors, but I remember that highway projects were found to be routinely more expensive when managed by contractors, not state DOT employees?

This story is what I'm talking about.

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Michael J. Cheaney said...

State Road Projects are always staffed by DOT employees Jim.....Yes the contractors always have their guys on site, but so does the state. I have been on my share of State jobs over the years, and I cannot tell you the number of times when WIDOT engineers seemingly outnumbered the workers!

As far as having the State DOT doing the actual work themselves, that is a complete impossibility, because that would involve the State of Wisconsin buying Dump Trucks, Loaders, Excavators, Scrapers, Cranes, etc. Not to mention the guys to run the equipment.

The only other option would be to outsource to the individual counties -who usually have this equipment- much like they do with Snowplowing.