Friday, August 9, 2019

WI worst practices champ is the face of another one

Robin Vos alert.

The least surprising thing in this fine piece by veteran journalist Bill Lueders is that Vos is front and center. 
Some Wisconsin public officials are using privacy arguments to justify government secrecy an advocate for open government, I am troubled by the extent to which public officials are using privacy in order to shut down access to public information. They say it’s necessary because the public can’t be trusted not to do horrible things. 
One manifestation of this was the decision last year to remove records of dismissed cases from the state’s online court records system. The change was supported by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who like me was a member of a committee that looked into the issue. (I opposed the change.)  
How predictable that this secrecy devotee gets star billing in Lueders' piece. 

I mean, where do we start? Here?

Or here?


In fact, here's a really good example
$840,000 redistricting contract released after Robin Vos initially refused to provide it


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