Thursday, August 29, 2019

Walker's 2020 pick wants more greenhouse gas release

Because the planet isn't warm and stormier enough, yes, more greenhouse gas release is now national policy.
E.P.A. to Roll Back Regulations on Methane, a Potent Greenhouse Gas
And in the bigger, dirtier, and less healthy picture, see also this list of 83 additional Trumpian toxicities which pre-dated his embrace of greenhouse gas emissions.

And now: More rain forest logging. Why should Brazil's President get all the world-class bad boy ink?

Fewer Clean Water rules.

More pesticides on sensitive lands - - with less disclosure.

Just a reminder that Trump relies on people like Walker to carry the message, and the water, no matter how foul.
Scott Walker says he will chair Trump's Wisconsin re-election campaign
So let's have clarity about politics and the environment, even when others don't.
During last summer's Dane County floods. Judith Davidoff photo.

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