Friday, August 16, 2019

Sorry for missing this substantive Foxconn-in-WI update

I had griped a few days ago about no one saying what happened when Foxconn officials came to the Capitol this week.

My bad, and I will add this apology to my comprehensive Foxconn archive to reiterate my commitment to #reporting.

Because on August 14 Speaker Vos tweeted the comprehensive report below, and Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald retweeted it - - along with 18 others. I now see words, like "updated us" and future plans," so there's your full disclosure! 
9:49 AM · Aug 14, 2019
I had the pleasure of welcoming the new Chairman and Vice-Chairman of #Foxconn to the state Capitol. Chairman Young Liu, Vice Chairman Dr. Jay Lee and
reiterated Foxconn's commitment to #Wisconsin and updated us on future plans.


JB said...

Sooooo much information! Overwhelming, ain’t it?

my goddamn maid Maria put my phone in the washer Id have her deported but she works for next to nothing said...

Gitn-r-dun Scott Walnker style and all you guys can do is complain?!!