Thursday, August 8, 2019

Latest Trump twist on immigrant traumatization: snatch the parents.

Donald Trump is running an intentionally and intensively cruel administration in our name and with our money by inflicting trauma on dark-skinned children and families.

For all the people who said 'this isn't who we are' when the US caged and separated kids from their asylum-seeking parents at the southern border - - forgetting centuries of American slavery's mass kidnappings and multi-state violence, the government's internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII or the removal of Native American children from their homes to distant boarding schools well into the 20th century - - Trump and Stephen Miller are again using ICE 

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to prove that's indeed who we are. 
Kids react after being left alone following Mississippi ICE raids
Children beg the federal government to bring back their parents after officials arrest 680 undocumented immigrants in a series of raids.
So, YEA! Trump defeated the rural Mississippi poultry factory workers. And their kids.

Like trade wars, these raids were easy to win. And he did it without energy having to toss out paper towel rolls.


And watch Wisconsin Republicans and others elsewhere tell the forcibly abandoned kids they had it coming. 

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