Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Bi-partisanship in WI further replaced by GOP Buy-Partisanship

[Updated, 9 p.m.] The WI Legislature's Joint Finance Committee has become a one-party fiasco, and Republicans, under their misspelled Buy-Partisan approach, call that winning.

This corruption of governmental process in Wisconsin is the logical [sic] outcome produced when WI Republicans lost the 2018 elections and quickly passed power-grabbing laws to prevent newly-elected Democratic Governor Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul from doing the jobs voters handed them at the ballot box fair and square.

The GOP scheme which protected donors' access to favor banks and codified one-party rule in Wisconsin - - and that relegated quaint democratic processes and pesky elections to a partisan GOP burn pit - - is working as expected:
The Latest: Republicans won’t let Kaul settle lawsuit
Update: Oh, it's more than 12 lawsuits. Popcorn making and world traveling Vos is way too busy to do all that lawyering, even with his pricey, new in-house boutique staff.] 

The lame duck laws which Walker, Fitzgerald and Vos created through secrecy and spite meant that Gov. Evers could not turn to his Attorney General, as Walker did moments into his first term, and direct him to sue the federal government over health care coverages.

Or that a sitting Attorney General, like the Republican whom Kaul defeated, could repeatedly sue over health care and pollution controls.

Kaul now needs a hall passes signed by the legislature's Finance Committee which is controlled by Vos and Fitzgerald, 12-4.

Their message to big business, special interests and Team Trump: Along with a complaint State Supreme Court, we've got your back. 

Committees in government can be where ideas die quiet deaths. In Fitzwalkerstan, the Hacks and Bellhops Caucus has taken that up a notch

I would say this is a double-standard, but that understates what the gerrymanders and little dictators have implemented here, as I noted the day after the elections which Republicans lost:

Vos, Fitzgerald and the rise of little dictators
In Wisconsin, GOP-initiated election suppression is moving from voter ID and election-day pressures to post-election nullification.


Katrina said...

I suppose settlements are bad and more lawsuits are good for one of the GOPs biggest supporters: Michael Best and Frederick lawyers.

Anonymous said...

It was announced today that JFC retained a lawyer for this and to help them figure out the other dirty duck rules they passed. Idiots.

"the co-chairs retained legal representation earlier Thursday, bringing on Milwaukee attorney Andy Phillips of the Von Briesen & Roper law firm."

The contract, dated Thursday and signed by Nygren, Darling and Phillips, shows Phillips will revise the committee on ethics and other issues, as well as sign the confidentiality agreement as a panel representative. That agreement, the contract said, will apply to all cases Kaul presents to the panel under the lame-duck laws.

BillSell said...

Not happy with having the judges, it is to cover all possibilities of something to go wrong, they hire attorneys with specific directives - not justice but victory.