Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trump says he's the messiah. Cong. Dems are enabling the peril.

Trump looks to the sky and says "I am the chosen one."

Stop playing 'What if Obama said that?,' and ask yourself this:

Can you blame him for believing it?

He launched a racist campaign for President - - with enough life-long personal and financial baggage to fit in an airbus cargo hold - - and no Republican stopped him.

He mocked a disabled reporter, smeared the wounded war hero John McCain, encouraged violence at his rallies, and solicited the help of Russia to further damaged his rival Hillary Clinton. 

No TV network stopped running his toxic events, 24/7.

He lost the popular vote by millions, but won the presidency through electoral college balloting established in the Constitution to protect smaller, slave-owning states from domination by the larger northern, slavery-free jurisdictions.

The manager of his campaign is now in prison, while Trump plays golf at taxpayer expense every weekend.

Trump's long-time lawyer who fixed messy personal situations before they could tarnish the campaign is also in prison. 

While Trump flies Air Force One to his elite Florida private club where he doubled the six-figure membership fee to further monetize his presidency.

Because the cash flow from his DC luxury hotel made possible by a sweetheart arrangement with his federal government landlord - - and his network of family businesses he stilll owns - - can always always use a supplement. Among the major donors to that scam are special interests and foreign governments which do business with his administration.

With apologies to another well-heeled hotelier, rules are for little people.

In other words, there are no standards, or limitations or consequences which Trump has been made to follow or endure, which is the way dictators and deities prefer to roll.

The Mueller Report? Bill Barr, Trump's new and improved Roy Cohn took care of that.

The access Hollywood tape. Assange and #1 Pal Putin swatted that away.

10,000 lies? Fox News, right-wing talk radio acolytes and other run-of-the-mill propagandists will clean that up.

Not to mention what a legion of lesser but effective grassroots sycophants are doing on an always-available basis.

Name your state, pick your water-carrier: Rubio in Florida. Kohach in Kansas. Ryan, Walker and Johnson in Wisconsin.

And deep in the hive, unseen, the anonymously but reliably droning Fitzgeralds, Voses and Duffys, whether caged kids, assault-weapons-on-demand, another tax break for Trump's donors or whichever favor-of-the-day needs selling and spinning.

The cult of Trump has always relied helpers eager to do the dirty work
No wonder Trump's grandiosity has given way to a God complex. Political gravity? Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City without consequence, and so far, he's right.

Earthly restraints? You and I and certainly the chosen one can see that ground support dropped their tethers, leaving his free to rise above it all.

And shooting the innocent? That will continue in American schools and synagogues and shopping malls because Trump is caving to the NRA on commonsense and popular gun ownership reforms, and Congress will not overrule the ruler.

And speaking of Congress - - Trump's norm-free, morality-free, America-busting reign of error will continue at least through 2024 - - because who says he isn't just our new presidential prototype - - unless Congressional Democrats toss off their torpor and get busy with impeachment proceedings.

Every day they stay in their self-imposed stupor is another 24 hours that reinforces their weakness, validates a messianic mind and harms a suffering nation.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Agree with everything here (except the 2024 part, look at the economy). These types of thugs dont follow laws and play fair unless they are confronted and forced to. All of these old, smug Dem "Leaders" should have been canceling vacations 3 weeks ago to hammer on this senile, unfit fool.

Every day we wait is another bit of damage that is allowed to happen. DRAG THEM, DEMS! Make GOPs defend this, both in Congress, and to the voters.

This is the only reason I am OK with Steyer on a debate stage, because he will put Trump on trial along with the washed-up House "Leadership" that thinks this is some kind of game.