Monday, August 5, 2019

Walker says he's out. Send in the clones.

Walker, busy as a bee, says he's not running for Governor in 2022, so his GOP clones are eying the Governor's race and/or a Senate bid, too. Oh, goody.
With the election more than three years away, a long list of potential GOP candidates for the two offices has emerged, including former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy and former U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson.
Sean Duffy, seriously?
Sean Duffy Official Portrait 115th Congress.jpg


Anonymous said...

There would never have been a divide-and-conquer governor without massive amounts of propaganda from AM hate radio and the state's largest newspaper Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Who knew that using a newspaper to attack its hometown, stirring up hate in Waukesha and the rest of Wisconsin would eventually collapse circulation in Milwaukee?

Mighty Journal Communications fell and MJS ended up as another Gannett assets. Now they are merging with GateHouse:

"The long-rumored merger of Gannett’s 110 dailies and GateHouse’s 156 was announced this afternoon by both companies. The deal will formally close by the end of 2019.

GateHouse is the acquiring partner, though it is choosing to operate the new company under the Gannett name and will preserve the USA Today brand. The sale includes both cash and shares of the new company for Gannett stockholders."

The collapse of newspaper circulation was partly due to the Internet, but not entirely. Promoting right-wing candidates that always attacked the urban areas like Milwaukee where circulations once were highest has consequences -- attacking workers and promoting lower wages has consequences.

This commenter use to regularly buy 2 or more newspapers a day and now refuses to purchase any.

Katrina said...

Who are the potential democratic contenders for Ron Johnson's seat? I like Mark Pocan and Gwen Moore. Are there others?