Tuesday, August 20, 2019

2 more WI hounds thrown to wolves. Total DNR reimbursements to owners will exceed $800k

[Updated, 11:30 p.m.] Life continues to be cheap for too many Wisconsin hunting hounds, but their sacrifice is sure remunerative to their owners, even to repeat state check applicants. Even to scofflaws.

Two more hunting dogs have been reported to the WI DNR having been killed by wolves during this summer's continuing bear hound 'training season' - - a two-months period during which bears and wolves are needlessly chased, harassed, and traumatized, while anyone out in the woods not running hound packs gets no relief.

That brings to twelve the number released off-leash this summer to their deaths by owners now eligible for $2,500 state reimbursement checks. 

That's $30,000 down the drain, too.

Could your local state park or fish restocking effort or wildlife photography program use that kind of free money?

And the number of hounds killed in this homegrown, state-sanctioned and subsidized fashion is well over 300, and counting, according to this DNR reimbursement chart - - with more wolf-dog encounters sure to kill more hounds because this year's bear hunting 'training' season runs through Aug. 31.

That's a lot of hunting dogs who had no say in the matter, and $800,000+ in public funds not available for public purposes.

And while the state encourages these fatal wolf-dog fights and pays off the hounders, dog-on-dog fighting statewide is a felony. What kind of sick double standard is that?
Milwaukee man gets 5 years for role in dogfighting ring
Both of the most recent subsidized kills were Redbone hounds, perhaps like this one:
Lena the Redbone Coonhound.jpg
Per the DNR:

08/17/2019Ashland2 Hunting dogs killed (Redbone, 6.5-year old; Redbone, 3-year old)Ashland depredation siteAshland depredation location map [PDF]
Note what these hounders are ignoring, given these DNR warnings, yet can still collect the $2,500 state-provided payout:
Caution areas, dogs and wolf behavior 
When wolves attack dogs in hunting or training situations on public land, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will create wolf caution areas to warn hunters that a specific pack has attacked a dog or group of dogs. Bear hunters are urged to exercise greater caution if they plan to train hounds or hunt bear with hounds near any caution area, especially if near an actual kill site. Table 1 contains a summary of the 2019 dog depredations by wolves. 
As with other wild canids, wolves are very territorial and will guard their territories from other wolves, coyotes and domestic dogs. Wolves are probably most aggressive toward strange wolves and dogs at den and rendezvous sites when their pups are small, and when protecting a fresh kill. Wolf packs have pups in spring and then later will use rendezvous sites from mid-May to late-September, after the pups are big enough to leave their den. 
Adult wolves are very defensive of pups at rendezvous sites and will attack other predators, including dogs, which get too close to the rendezvous site or the pups.A pack will use from two to three to as many as six or more rendezvous sites during the summer.... 
Move two or three miles from any rendezvous site, if possible, before releasing dogs. In addition, avoid releasing dogs at baits recently visited by wolves. When looking for bear sign near bait, make sure to also look for wolf tracks. Be familiar with your own dog's tracks, so that you can distinguish it from any wolf tracks. If a specific bait site is receiving a lot of wolf use, discontinue using it until wolves have left and concentrate on an alternative bait site. Some hunters have had success with bells on dog collars to reduce wolf attacks, but some dogs with bells have been attacked by wolves.


dubayhorizons said...

Sickening and needless torture of the bears, wolves(?) and the hounds themselves. And these morons get paid to literally "throw their dogs to the wolves". Such Bullshit! Why the hell do they get paid for killing their dogs??!!

dubayhorizons said...

I find this to be a disgusting practice. Our state rewards these Morons for sending their dogs into the woods to be mauled and even murdered. They know what can happen but this make no difference. They know they will be paid for the loss and I truly believe that is what they hope happens. This is senseless! Maybe if they stopped being rewarded, this horrid practice would at least be lessened. I can give many good causes that this money should go toward!! Please contact me for my suggestions. Wisconsin needs to stop!! How many other states do this??

Cindy said...

These outrageous state payoff rewards to the dog runners need to be cut out completely! The dog owners are putting out dogs just to get killed so they can collect an enormous amount of money for a poor dog they picked up from a shelter. They are despicable! WI DNR STOP PAYING THESE CHEATING AND DISGUSTING ANIMAL ABUSERS!

James Rowen said...

The Legislature authorized this programming 1985, and can rescind or modify it.

ThunderFire said...

What a sicking thing to do !! You may as well run the dogs them through a wild lions pride then collect the money. Thats is the most egregiously sickening behaviour and then reward them for it by giving them money ? Who is sick here ?

gail said...

I’m sure this is supplemental income for some hounders. And the state coffers are being abused by the same people. They’re laughing their butts off at everyone. Why is this being tolerated?? How utterly stupid.