Thursday, August 29, 2019

Clarke could have been tapped as NBC's jail birthing expert

NBC Evening News missed a real opportunity Thursday.

It featured this appalling story:
Video allegedly shows woman giving birth in Denver jail cell alone, with no assistance
But good NBC producer work could have sought out this expert for comment: 
Third Woman Sues Sheriff Over Birth in Milwaukee Jail
Embattled Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. was sued by another woman who claims she was forced to give birth in a filthy jail cell without any medical care, before being shackled to a hospital bed during a week of postpartum treatment. 
2014 Clarke campaign literature touted his "Advanced training in Corrections management." 
And perhaps on its follow-up story
Milwaukee County will pay $200,000 to a woman who gave birth in jail in 2014 
Not to mention a separate 2016 lawsuit
Former Milwaukee County jail inmate sues over newborn's death
Leading to additional claims spelled out in this 2018 report: 
Five women who served time at Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County jail have filed lawsuits against the county and former Sheriff David Clarke, Jr., alleging mistreatment while they were pregnant – including shackling, the death of one child and the stillbirth of another. 
These stories absolutely cry out for expert experience and commentary with anyone with "Advanced training in Corrections management." 

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