Wednesday, August 21, 2019

DNR accepting written comments through 9/19 on Waukesha's Great Lakes diversion

Because it's important to keep making a record.

Through the die has been cast, the WI DNR is obliged to take public comments through 9/19 on aspects of Waukesha's already-approved Great Lakes diversion and return flow scheme. 

 * Here's where and to send your comments:

Emails can be sent to through Sept. 19.
  * Here is one media account of Tuesday's night public session about the diversion which the DNR held in Waukesha:  
The DNR is looking specifically at the impact to waterways and wetlands for a pipeline that will bring water from Lake Michigan to the city of Waukesha through Milwaukee and safely funnel wastewater back to the lake using the Root River...
"We’re trying to put a lot of pressure here to make sure that we’re setting a really high bar that's going to protect the Great Lakes," Cheryl Nenn said, who’s monitored the project as part of the group Milwaukee Riverkeeper. 
  * Here is a recent blog item about it:
Will Waukesha and DNR as the referee be asked to spell out how properties outside of the city will be supplied water and sewer services even though the diversion agreement explicitly put limitations on those secondary, beyond Waukesha exceptions?
The question is relevant because it directly speaks to whether Waukesha gets to add tax base and fuel sprawl outside of the Great Lakes basin with Great Lakes water 
On the shoreline 
while adding wastewater to Lake Michigan treated to a lesser standard than what a connection to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage Commission could produce.

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