Tuesday, August 6, 2019

After massacres, radio silence from NRA pet Scott Walker

There are more than four million reason$ why Scott Walker has not put a word on his always-busy, relevancy-yearning, product-placement-heavy and insensitive-by-omission Twitter account:
21 hrs Enjoying a @sprecherbrewery root beer at the @wistatefa
Also, these related reasons:

Scott Walker, NRA Have History Of Mutual Aid

National Rifle Association member Scott Walker has:

* Received an "A+" rating from the NRA, the group says. 

* Benefited from heavy NRA spending in Wisconsin to weaken Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, helping to pave the way for Walker's successful 2010 run.

* Stood with NRA Vice-President Wayne LaPierre at the concealed carry bill signing - - a long-sought measure for Wisconsin by both Walker and the NRA.

Met Ted Nugent at a recent NRA convention and touted the signing of the so-called "Castle Doctrine" bill for Wisconsin, another NRA priority measure.

* Asked NRA convention delegates in 2012 for recall campaign donations, saying "I have become a target" and "they want to take me out."

* Enjoyed more than $800,000 in NRA spending during the recall election.

* Continued, after the Newtown, CT shootings, to oppose closing gun-show loophole allowing private gun sales without background checks, and said he's open to stationing armed officers in every school - - both key NRA positions.
If I missed Walker's response, or proposals, please correct me.

For the record, Walker's often had a presence at State Fair. 

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