Monday, August 19, 2019

For Tuesday's hearing on Waukesha's diversion/return flow scheme, 1 question

The Wisconsin DNR is holding a hearing Tuesday evening at Carroll College on the Lake Michigan diversion already approved by the region's Governors for the City of Waukesha - - and some properties and acreages outside of the city limits.

Some discussion of that fallout is here as the neighboring, smaller and more rural Town of Waukesha sees its land and identity disappearing.

Will Waukesha and DNR as the referee be asked to spell out how properties outside of the city will be supplied water and sewer services even though the diversion agreement explicitly put limitations on those secondary, beyond Waukesha exceptions?

The question is relevant because it directly speaks to whether Waukesha gets to add tax base and fuel sprawl outside of the Great Lakes basin with Great Lakes water 

On the shoreline 
while adding wastewater to Lake Michigan treated to a lesser standard than what a connection to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage Commission could produce.

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Anonymous said...

People need to spend time at the DNR offices going through the files about this and they will see the documents that show Waukesha knew for several decades that their wells were in deep trouble and would not support all of the residential and commercial building that they were approving. But they kept on issuing thousands upon thousands of building permits for new construction. The documents also show that Waukesha has tried everything possible to not connect to MMSD. By having direct access they can fudge quantities and content. If challenged they can tie the challenge up in litigation for decades and with their packed State Supreme Court ready to throw up its' hands in feigned futility and just give the "good old boys back home" the decision they need to keep right on going. Waukesha must accept strict conservation measures, runoff restrictions, serious restrictions on any further residential/commercial/industrial growth and be required to hook to MMSD. Either that or no Great Lakes Water. Period.