Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Trump knifes corn growers, then says 'rescue me.' For 2020.

Remember that lesson in Management 101: Don't let others make their problems your problems.

Well, the worst boss, ever, is at it again.

After launching an 'initiative,' Trump brings in the targets of his farm states' initiative - - 

Three different types of corn

- - and asks them to help him come up with a plan around the mess he created:

Trump Seeks to Allay Farm-State Uproar in Oval Office Meeting
The flurry of discussions is in keeping with the president’s practice of searching for immediate fixes to thorny policy disputes, from a border wall to the tax overhaul, sometimes impulsively endorsing just-advanced ideas that haven’t been deeply vetted.  
No doubt he remembered after he'd sandbagged Iowa corn growers that Iowa has those early caucuses.

Maybe Trump the Tariff and Baby-Caging King 

Head shot of Trump smiling in front of an American flag. He is wearing a dark blue suit jacket, white shirt, light blue necktie, and American flag lapel pin.

should try that fix-the-problem-I-laid-on-you tactic with steelworkers getting laid off in Michigan, dairy farmers failing in Wisconsin, soybean growers locked out of export markets and babies sitting in their filth in his cages.

Kind of like discovering your sewer service suddenly cut you off, then asks you to come in and help pick which outhouse design you prefer.

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