Monday, August 12, 2019

Dog death toll now 9 in WI-sanctioned/subsidized hound-wolf summer '19 encounters

"There will be more." 

That's what I said on July 22 when writing about WI hounders again exposing their dogs to fatal encounters with wolves.

And there will be more because this blood-letting can go on under Wisconsin law for another 19 days.

The two latest hound fatalities, both in Burnett County, bring the total to nine since the bear hunting 'training' season began July 1. 

One was a two-old female Mountain Cur, like this one:


These latest incidents mean the state is on the hook just this summer for $22,500 in payments to owners who let their hounds run off-leash to chase/harass bears and then harass/lose death fights to larger, more powerful wolves, perhaps in packs. 

The state-sanctioned animal and wildlife abuse will continue until Aug. 31 - - a matter continuously reported on this blog which tracks the legalized animal abuse involved and the only-in Wisconsin $2,500 state payments to the dead hounds' owners.

This payment practice has been in place since 1985 - - data published by the DNR would indicate the last nine hound deaths bring known total to 348 - - and has resulted in the transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funds to hound owners - - even to repeat payout recipients or scofflaws.

From the DNR, these latest details:
08/11/2019Burnett2 Hunting dogs killed (Mountain Cur, 2-year old female; Walker, 4-year old female)Burnett depredation siteBurnett depredation location map [PDF]

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Chicago Me said...

Nice incentive to kill your doggie. Way to go Wisconsin!!!! Hooray for you ��.