Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Yet another hound sent to Burnett County, WI wolf-territory death

Hounders in Wisconsin's Burnett County 'training' their dogs to hunt bear later this year keep throwing their dogs to the wolves, and the WI DNR will keep issuing them $2,500 reimbursements from public funds.

I'd noted the recent death of two Burnett Count hounds released off-leash into fatal, wolf-territory encounters, and the DNR Wednesday is reporting yet another one, an 8-year old male Bluetick/Walker hound mix, perhaps like this Bluetick.

Look at the map. Look at the information about earlier incidents that is being ignored. The state should stop paying for this ughliess. This is insane.
08/14/2019Burnett1 Hunting dog killed (Bluetick/Walker mix, 8-year old male)Burnett depredation siteBurnett depredation location map [PDF]


Unknown said...

I agree. That particular section of Burnett County really doesn't leave any guess work on the pattern of depredations in the area. Yes, up to 10 killed and 1 injured in that very small section since 2013. Write Preston Cole, and demand that the DNR at least place emergency rules in that location not to run hounds through it. There is no excuse. The DNR provides free alerts for each confirmed depredation. On a side note, the emphasis with depredations of hounds by wolves overshadows that hounds also get killed by bears trying to defend themselves from the hounds chasing them. I have never seen any data on those numbers, but it does happen.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! More than likely the dog was killed by a bear and not a wolf! Just sad that any human being would put their pet or hunting dog in harm's way. Its ridiculous that we spend foolish money to reimburse these people for their hunting dogs! Let's just have fighting dog rings and reimburse those people the same way, that's no difference then putting your dog in harm's way with a wild animal!!! Just plain stupid!