Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Vos, WI GOP extend 'no sense of decency' message to state's disabled

Robin Vos is bringing another 'have you no sense of decency' moment to Wisconsin's political history, as he and his partisan caucus have found unity in the message he's chosen to define his party, circa 2019:

Reasonable accommodation denied for a wheelchair-bound Democratic state representative paralyzed from the chest down, because Vos gets to set the rules and, so far, that's the way his partisan colleagues like it.
No Republicans sign letter urging Assembly Speaker to allow paralyzed lawmaker to call in to meetings
This after Vos 
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg

had either the requisite nastiness or monumental stupidity to accuse Anderson of "grandstanding" by airing the situation which makes it difficult-to-impossible for him to easily get to the Capitol for meetings of sit through overnight sessions.

Because Anderson has been paralyzed from the chest down, and in a wheelchair, for close to ten years after a drunk driver smashed into his car and killed his brother and parents.

Which means it would be humanely more efficient for him, and help guarantee that his constituents get effective representation in this representative government of ours by their State Representative if he could call into certain meetings.

And it's not like if you say 'yes' to Anderson you have to say 'yes' to other state representatives who are not in his predicament.

There are thousands and thousands of Wisconsinites with disabilities who will be shocked by Vos and his party's callousness, and even more more-relatively abled citizens who rightly now feel that the "R" after these Republicans' names stands for "repugnant."

And speaking of grandstanding, what would you call riding in an ambulance and having it filmed to make a point about the crap roads your own party let deteriorate? 
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos takes ride in back of ambulance to show why more money’s needed for roads
Potholes. Ouch!! "Holy cow. "I can't even imagine what it would be like sitting in there...," said the uncomfortable, pretend victim. 
How about another public relations session with a little more reality added that takes away that 'sitting in there' agony:
Vos spends week wheelchair-bound, finds real challenges
Let's be honest here: Vos won't do the right thing because he's got power over Anderson, a Democrat, and his Fitchburg district leans progressive. 

And to the question 'have you no sense of decency?' 

This answer these days is 'no.'

And until a court at taxpayer expense forces Vos to change his tune, #Never.'


MAL said...

Some items.

First, Jimmy Anderson is proposing a reasonable solution solution to Vos' despicable conduct, as you note.

Meanwhile, Assembly Republicans and only Republicans actually make fun of Anderson, my state rep., in a manner that ought embarrass a grade-preschooler.

On August 6, a Door County constituent listened to Rep Joel Kitchens (R) at the Sturgeon Bay Branch of the Door County library in northeastern Wisconsin making fun of Anderson for Anderson's 'complaining.'

Now, in your piece I wish you would temper your misstatement about the cause of Anderson's tragic paralysis with facts.

 Vis: The tragedy occurred in Stanislaus County California in 2010 where OWI was already a criminal offense.

Anderson argued in court and in mediation that Stanislaus County's failure to timely install a four-way stop resulted in the fatal crash.

The settlement with the County is $8.25 million. Good for Mr. Anderson, I say.

In your zeal and polemics to expand the Wisconsin criminal code, as you have advocated in other pieces, and give racist police even more power, you omit these facts.

Then again, I guess 'Failure to timely install four-way stop in California' is not as politically compelling as drunken driver rammed Anderson.

Please see Verdict Search and Insurance News.

James Rowen said...

I see your point. The intersection should have had stop signs. Also, the striking motorist was OWI.

Katrina said...

It doesn't matter how Representative Anderson became paralyzed. He should be accommodated because as an elected official, he represents a lot of people. They count on him to vote on their behalf. Voss is not letting Anderson represent his constituents. If Voss is unable provide the Representative a way to represent his constituents, he is incompetent and should step down.

James Rowen said...

@Katrina. Agreed that your point is the main point.

MAL said...

Katrina and James,

The relevancy of where the accident occurred bears on the political campaign and proposed legislation using the misreporting of the accident as a rationale.

Every piece includes misreporting on the cause of Jimmy's Anderson's accident.

Every time it is misreported that some "accident" involving a "drunk driver" in pieces related to the Robin Vos conduct, it furthers a political goal to criminalize OWI, to install road checks, and so forth. Not a good idea, if you are black or brown, a danger to which you both seem woefully ignorant.

Every piece includes a sentence relating the cause of Anderson's paralysis. Relevant fact, but your facts are wrong.

Jimmy Anderson and the Pivot Group, Anderson's D.C. consulting group know the potency of omitting California and Anderson's claimed 'failure to timely install a four-way stop.'

Anderson pleaded through his attys that the cause, who is liable, is a California County and he garnered a $8.25 million settlement.

How about you come clean with these facts, if you are going to reference cause of Anderson's accident?

Please see Verdict Search and Insurance News.