Sunday, August 4, 2019

Clear water convert tweet-shares bestist WI vacay!

Walker Twitter updates.

No condolences yet to the shooting victims in Texas and Ohio; GOP/NRA talking points may be slowed to come through by subpar rural broadband services whose funding Walker chose to refuse.

But he managed to post five recent photos and videos showing his "Up North!" and Clear Lake enjoyment - - with an even more self-serving and shameless come-on to join the Walkers on their Escape From Wisconsin Winter Hawaiian sail.
The weather is perfect in northern Wisconsin today! Tonette and I love being out on the water. In January and February, however, we are looking forward to being on our cruise in Hawaii. Come join us at...
As far as I can discern, he's on Clear Lake, not in the community of Clear Lake where Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson grew up.

That would be a paradox too nauseating to contemplate, given Walker's intentional hostility to the state's environment - - and here's a fuller account in 21 installments.

But it's worth noting that while Walker is showcasing a pretty body of water "Up North!" state records showed that the number of waterways which lapsed into polluted, impaired status skyrocketed during his tenure, and rural well water is still running brown and nitrate-contaminated because he gave polluters a freer hand.

Noted by a Kewaunee County resident who said she was sick and tired of waiting for relief after years of inaction. 
Without real investigations, will we ever know the full extent and costs from the illness and suffering resulting from agribusiness here?  
Why has it taken this long?
Issues among many which Gov. Evers is trying to fix, even as Walker's legislative allies continue their broad efforts to hamstring any Governor not named Walker.

Anyway, here's to our Johnny-Come-Lately Outdoorsman, seen in an earlier boating and instructional fishing photo he'd shared on Twitter.
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I had heard the Hawaii tour was full. I guess not.