Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Vos dispenses welfare for his caucus, travels, donor base. For the sick, nope.

Robin Vos is just fine dispensing public money for his travels and his caucus, and even more for road-building in his district - -
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
- - but when it comes to supporting public transit and now health care for the poor and the elderly, Vos goes on the attack again on the GOP's favorite punching bag: welfare.
Vos took to Twitter yesterday - -
Jul 2 - - to opine that: 
The Budget invests in health care without expanding welfare.
While being just fine with turning down federal health care dollars, so Wisconsin taxpayers have to backfill a medical care cost shortfall of hundreds of millions of dollars. Which puts no one's well-fare front and center.
The Cap Times took note of Vos' insulting, callous reflex about 'welfare' a few weeks ago: 
As Vos opposes the “People’s Budget” proposed by Gov. Tony Evers, the speaker claims that the governor is scheming “to put more people on welfare.” Vos dismisses efforts by Evers and the governor’s Democratic allies to make health care more accessible and affordable — through an expansion of Medicaid, which has been implemented by many Democratic and Republican governors across the nation — as a “tax-and-spend plan (that) would have expanded welfare programs and reduced accountability in those programs. 
He peddles a fantasy that there is something wrong with depending on government to meet human needs. There is no evidence that the people of Wisconsin share Vos’ fantasy. For the most part, we share the sentiments of Tony Evers, the man we recently elected governor, and of Franklin Roosevelt, the man we repeatedly backed for president.

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