Friday, November 7, 2014

Vos: 'Here's a bus ticket, Grandpa, but first, pee in this cup'

Robin Vos, the GOP WI Assembly Speaker, thinks transit funding should be removed from the transportation fund:
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has pushed for public transit to be funded through the state’s general budget instead of the DOT, saying he considers transit a social program. Gov. Scott Walker proposed such a move in his last budget and Vos said it had the support of Assembly Republicans, but it failed to make it through the state Senate.
This is part of the GOP plan to define "transportation" as roads and highways - - facilitated with the just-approved state constitution highway lobby dream amendment to dedicate gasoline tax revenue to their version of transportation.

Projects like this in Vos' district, for example, which you could say is a social service, too.

Or another bigger project he wants, though it duplicates an existing Interstate highway.

Real cities, of course, need modern transit to move workers and students and tourists and shoppers, but Vos, from the rural Racine County Village of Rochester, (pop 3,693), knows better.

The claim that transit can be financed through the state budget general fund, making system operators and their customers compete with prison guard salaries and school textbook purchases or emergency room billings or heat and electricity for public buildings - - even programs for business development.

Walker and Vos are right: Walker's position is now Vos' - - though Vos did agreed in the last budget to make sure transit systems like the one in his home county got some reduced state dollars.

Much the way Walker defined state support for recycling in his first budget - - by eliminating it - - but legislators reluctantly put some of the funding back in.

Other than Amtrak's Empire Builder train which runs through Wisconsin, and Milwaukee-Sturtevant-Chicago Hiawatha trains), there's no local passenger rail service in Wisconsin except a short downtown vintage trolley in Kenosha.

Walker blocked Amtrak service to Madison as part of a Midwest upgrade; Republicans killed light rail planning for Milwaukee and Vos led the legislative wipe-out of another social service menace - - regional transit authorities - as those were only more leeches on public finances, like school cafeterias or vaccine centers for oldsters. 

I'm sure transit operators will do well in a generous state which mandates a minimum wage of $7.25/hour and blocked 38,000 people from Medicaid health insurance and raised several taxes on the low-income and working poor.

And for the anti-union Walkerites, if bus routes are cut and drivers and mechanics are laid off - - another divide-and-conquer bonus!

And remember, men like Robin Vos know of what they speak because they have mastered the operation of automobile machinery to carry them to their schedules of important meetings.

Amd to make sure they are not troubled or inconvenienced on their rounds of luncheons and lobbying conferences, they have created for themselves in Wisconsin a taxpayer-supplied, income-tax-free, $88 a-day-allowance disbursed through a honor system (just sign here, Mr. Speaker) from which they may buy their petrol so as to be whisked without concern or interruption from home to the State Capitol and home again.

There's nothing like an hour or two of free driving every day to focus the mind on getting rid of stupid social service buses.

The allowance may also be used for vittels at an inn or a lodge or fast-food drive-thru of their choosing. Even an overnight stay. Taxpayer-paid housing - - nothing like other people's social service housing. No, sir.

And Wisconsin legislators have added for themselves anothetaxpayer-paid expense account to cover their vehicle mileage - - a wise, fair and informed gesture towards the realities of costly lease payments or asset depreciation - - alms for the electeds, alms for the electeds, can we coordinate more alms for the deserving electeds - - when motoring around their lands and observing their subjects.

Remember the sequence, Gramps, or you, little lady: Cup, first...and when the lab says you may have it, then your transit pass or food stamp. 

And, if you're grateful, maybe a sweet or popcorn treat!


Anonymous said...

As near as I can tell Vos is a vindictive little man who must have been bullied growing up and he is going to reign hell on the majority of us that he considers beneath his authority! What goes around comes around ......and believe me his day is coming when he will publicly be humiliated for all of the harm he will have wrought.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the road system in Wisconsin then also a social service? Vos is a not very sharp weasel (sorry for insulting weasels). The fact is, he screwed over a lot of people, but the poor baby had a beer dumped on his head. You rob and steal, you might get a beer dumped on you. Or was that whole story just another in a long list of the lies coming from the GOP.

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

Just curious...who is going to actually pay for the UA analysis and/or testing materials? What about veracity of the tests, the chain of custody, false positives, etc. Never mind being mean-spirited (it is), this is a potential bureaucratic nightmare, and a waste of taxpayer dollars.